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    Car Shipping Military

    At Able Auto Transport, we love helping people ship their vehicles. It is what we are committed to do and we strive for excellence. We never forget how lucky we are to do this work and commit ourselves to helping people move their cars. A big reason we can pursue happiness and excellence in this field is because we are free to do so in this nation. And we realize that our freedoms are protected by the sacrificial service of men and women fighting for that freedom day in and day out. We owe so much to our service men and women!

    We want to thank all those who serve. Occasionally we get the special treat of getting to ship the car of a United States Armed Forces member. This is always a highlight for us, and we strive, as always, to do an exemplary job serving those who have given so much for their nation.

    Our testimonial page contains several comments from heroes of the United States Armed Forces

    Able delivered a Chevrolet Malibu for Lonnie and on 11/22/2011 customer wrote: "I must say that Able Auto Transport handled the transport of my car extremely well. Not only did they pick it up when they said they would, they called to see if they could pick it up the day before. My car arrived in 2-1/2 weeks. My husband shipped his car via Military Transport and though his car has arrived, they have opt not to relief it for 2 weeks, unreal. Thanks Able for a job well done."

    Able delivered a Mini Cooper for Gloria and on 7/17/2012 customer wrote: "When everyone transport company gave me a song & dance to substantiate there hi prices else ABLE AUTO TRANSPORT was music to my ears when they quoted me the best price and a timely p/up & delivery and ACKNOWLEDGE MY BEING A SERVICE DISABLED VETERAN."

    Able delivered a Nissan Altima for Faatele and on 11/10/2011 customer wrote: "I'm in the military and I moved from Hawaii to Indiana on Sept 2011. The Army shipped my 2005 Pacific on August 2011 to St. Louis, MO. To get my car to Indiana I have to find a transporter. Foolish me-I hired the first company that I saw on line. Big Mistake! I spoke to them over the phone numerous time from Hawaii. I paid them $350.00 to deliver my car. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! The delivery man called to find a big public parking lot close to my home to pick up my car. To take my car home I have to pay him $200.00 cash. This company is on my "Do Not Contact" list. I found ABLE Auto Transport on line. I called them up in mid Oct 2011 to ship my 2003 Nissan from Hawaii to Indiana. My car arrived at my front door on Nov 9th. I don't have to pay the delivery man anything. The service is above and beyond of what I expected. Thank you to all the employee at ABLE Auto Transport. You have my business anytime."

    We would love to ship more vehicles for the heroes of our country, so if you are a service member, look no further than Able Auto Transport. Additionally, don’t neglect your branch’s specific car shipping procedures, as there are often credits offered by the Armed Forces in helping make your shipping experience even more affordable.

    Please contact us today if you are a member of the Armed Forces or a veteran and allow us to show our gratitude for your service by providing you with the best the Car Shipping industry has to offer.

    Again, thanks for all you do and have done in protecting our freedoms!


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